10 July 2020


branch of the Moscow school of Russian astrology "Magi"

10 July 2020
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Астропрогноз и формула

10 July 2020

Узнайте ежедневный астропрогноз и рассчитайте свою ФД


Astroforecast and formula

10 July 2020

Find out the daily astro forecast and calculate your FS


EXPERT COURSE on astropsychology
"Formula of Soul from scratch"

The advantages of the course:

  • The training consists of video lessons, which makes it easier to study and allows you to pass the material at a convenient time for you, to return to the material you traveled any number of times, since access to the private office will remain after the training.
  • All accompanying materials (demo version of the program, textbook, manual, diagrams and tables) are available in your personal account for downloading.
  • In the training process, after each module, tests are opened for self-examination of the mastered material.
  • Maintenance, answers to questions in the system of assistance in the learning process.
  • Two personal online consultations in the learning process.
  • Detailed analysis of bright bundles and interaction of planets.
  • After the exam, a personal certificate of the branch of the School of Russian Astrology "VOLKHIV" is assigned, giving the right to advise on the method of the Formula of the Soul (personality psychology, professional orientation, family psychology, psychology of compatibility in work collectives).
  • After the training, a chat room of the closed club of astropsychologists is available for exchange of experience and support.

On the training we will discuss the following topics:

  1. What is the Soul Formula, the interpretation of the FD, the social status of people.
  2. The number of centers in the soul formula, what does this mean.
  3. What is the difference between astropsychology and astrology.
  4. Planet orbits around the center.
  5. Solar and Lunar types of people
  6. The concept of retrograde planets.
  7. Characteristics and position of all planets in the formula, and their meaning in human life
  8. Mystic points and asteroids, which they talk about in the soul formula.
  9. The compatibility formula.
  10. Transit formula and success formula.
  11. Cosmogram, how to read it.
  12. Interpretation of the FD, as the consultation takes place.
  13. Interaction of planets, bright bundles of planets.

Learn the method of the Formula of the Soul can ANYONE!

Enough desire and ability to learn.

For training, you need an Internet connection and approximately 3-4 hours a week, and after 2 months you are a certified astrological psychologist.

Cost   15500  12500 rub.   pay now

10 July 2020

10 July 2020
branch of the Moscow school of Russian astrology "Magi"
10 July 2020
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